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An Interview with Carrie Aalberts, the Dementia Darling



Your Name:

Carrie Aalberts

How should readers contact or find you?

Instagram @dementiadarling


If you had to pick one, what title best describes you?

Caregiver Coach (primarily Dementia caregivers).

What's your Story? How did you get involved with Caregiving, Alzheimer's Disease, or another form of Dementia?

Ever since I watched my grandmother's journey with dementia end at the age of 13 I was always very interested in what happened. I wanted to understand what she had gone through and also what my dad endured as her primary caregiver. When I went to college I realized I wanted to dedicate my life to dementia and the caregiving population. I received my Bachelor’s and Masters in human development and family studies focused on Gerontology (the study of aging). I received a Gerontology minor and certificate and I’m now a Certified Dementia Practitioner. I have worked in some capacity as a professional Caregiver for over seven years in both adult day care and memory care settings. I strive to provide support and education for caregivers so they are not alone on their journey.

Your caregiving horror story, followed by your best from your experience.

If you only want to share 2 positive stories that's ok, but sharing the bad h

I was once the only manager able to get to work during a snowstorm in Colorado. We lost power for over six hours and I had to keep over 40 elders with dementia warm and calm. It was the most stressful day of my life. I was so upset by the lack of backup generators and planning by the corporate team. I grew up in Las Vegas and had no training for this type of weather. While I was getting ready to drive them in the bus to a nearby hotel, our power went back on. I did a lot of reassuring and entertaining that day. Hugs and fire definitely helped!

Also, before I learned to not try to catch elders when they are falling, I tried to get behind a man who was falling in the restroom. He was over six feet and all dead weight from his injury. I was completely smashed and hit my head on the floor trying to catch him. It hurt us both more than if I wouldn’t have intervened. I learned a good lesson and thankfully everyone was ok.

I have a TON of positive stories, I would love to share. But one, in particular, is when a gentleman that hadn’t spoken in years, other than a few words, stood up and recited the Lord's Prayer perfectly with me out of nowhere! It was a magical moment and became a normal Sunday occurrence!

What else do you want to share with our readers?

I want to announce that I am currently creating a caregiver program! I encourage you to look for my announcements, as I’m working on my big launch! Head over to @dementiadarling on Instagram and Facebook for updates! I am so excited to get to know more amazing caregivers and share what I know!

Your Preferred Social Media Account's URL for our readers:


A message about Carrie from our Founder:

When I first started, I reached out to Carrie to see if she would like to collaborate with me on a small promotion on Instagram. At the time, I believe Carenect's account had maybe 500 followers. Carrie was still very nice and was willing to listen to some of my ideas. She helped share our website & social media when all we were was a guy with an idea and big dreams, but no idea of how to turn those dreams into something worthwhile.

Since then, our Instagram & website have been growing faster than anyone (especially myself) could have ever imagined. We now are releasing a mobile app in the very near future. I owe so much of the short-term growth to Carrie and some of the others like her that believed in me, even when (at times) I didn't believe in myself. I will work with Carrie on ANYTHING she wants help with in the future, and I hope she becomes a major part of Carenect's future!

Carrie helped to inspire Carenect, whether she knows it or not, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Thank you, Carrie, for being you!

Matthew S. Yaroch Founder

Carenect App Developer

Harvard Business School Online

Alzheimer's Association Grand Champion Fundraiser 2020

Detroit Walk to #EndAlz 2021 Planning Committee Member

Detroit Young Professionals Member since '20

Long Term Care Insurance Association of America Member since '18

Home Care Franchise Client Care Team & Manager for 10+ Years

#endalz #carenect #millennialcaregiver #caregiverstrong


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