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An Interview with Sekita, creator of Bavette Bibs

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Your Name:

Sekita Ekrek

How should readers contact or find you?



If you had to pick one, what title best describes you?

Family Caregiver

What's your Story? How did you get involved with Caregiving, Alzheimer's Disease, or another form of Dementia?

Everyone has had a difficult year dealing with Covid. My story started out tragic but I was able to find a silver lining in all of it. I had no idea that the adversity and caregiving would lead me to start a new business during this time.

My very stylish elderly mother had an unexpected stroke last summer during the pandemic. It affected her ability to walk. Suddenly life changed overnight for my sisters and me. I live in NYC but rushed to Chicago where she was staying with my sister Tatiana and her husband. When we brought her home from rehab, the therapists recommended getting adult bibs. I went online and couldn't find anything uplifting and beautiful available for my fashionable mother. So I created this premium collection of clothing protectors that she could wear with confidence. I called my online business BAVETTE - adult bibs with personality. Bavette is the French word for bib and it's what my mother used to call 'bibs' when we were little. I designed them to not only be super stylish, but also practical and comfortable. They're made in NYC of 100% premium cotton with three layers for extra absorbancy and an adjustable Velcro collar. One of my customers called them the "Ferrari of adult bibs," so that makes me incredibly happy.

That is exactly what I want to deliver. I want to spread joy in everyday ways whenever life gets messy. And it gets messy for everyone - especially as we age. We all deserve fun and cheer - now more than ever.

Your caregiving horror story, followed by your best from your experience.

My caregiving horror story involved the first rehab facility we took mom to following her stroke in Chicago. We sent her there directly from the hospital to relearn how to walk. Her mental state was already fragile and not being able to see her in person was not only heartbreaking, it was disastrous. The staff, including her physical therapists, were impossible to get on the phone. The lack of communication with her team was awful. And we got more and more concerned about her care there. When we got a call from them that they had found her unresponsive on Day Six and rushed her back to the hospital, we knew we needed to see her every day no matter what the stakes were. We finally got her transferred to Weiss Memorial Hospital Acute Rehab where she got the best treatment that prepared her for the road to recovery.

The best experience has been seeing my mom stand up on her own two feet again and walk in just a matter of months. I am back in NY now. My angel sister Tatiana is caring for her full-time with the help of our aid Myrna (and my other sister Nadine who also lives locally). It tales a village. I Facetime with Mom daily and often to discuss fabric selections for BAVETTE. I love keeping her involved in every step of production and getting her feedback. She has strong opinions on everything and I eat it up!

What else do you want to share with our readers?

A few more things my mom has taught me:

Mom's stroke has taught me to appreciate the unspoken moments together as much as the talks.

Simple hand holding is such a powerful was to say I love you.

Kindness is free.

You never know where you'll get inspiration from.

And as my mom says, "Life is a bouquet of memories." So true.

I am overwhelmed by the genuine support and friendship of the caregiving community. It's a remarkably strong bond and I am so glad I have found it. So much shared wisdom. And so much strength. I learn something every day.

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A message about Sekita and Bavette Bibs from our Founder:

Sekita and I hit it off right from the beginning. She has a HUGE heart and cares so much about helping others. Like so many other family caregivers, Sekita's life was changed overnight after her mother's diagnosis. Being the empathetic person she is, she found a way to use her experience as a family caregiver to help others.

As someone that has professionally been a part of the senior care industry my entire adult life, I have seen MANY people and businesses that try to benefit from the unfortunate predicaments that families find themselves in when a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or another form of Dementia is received. These people don't care about your loved one, and only see them a monetary asset. BAVETTE BIBS IS DIFFERENT!!!! Sekita started her side company as a way to provide some joy in the lives of those that require assistance. Her bibs are colorful, original, and stylish!!!! Seniors requiring care actually enjoy wearing them! Anyone that has ever had to feed their loved one or a senior they care for knows how messy it can be, as well as how much extra work can be avoided by wearing a bib. Sekita saw a need and created her bibs to help those in need!

I encourage anyone currently caring for an elderly loved one , a young child, or are just sloppy eaters to check out this amazing line of stylish bibs!

Matthew S. Yaroch Founder

-Carenect App Developer

-Harvard Business School Online

-Sub-Committee Chair - Marketing & Outreach - 2021 Detroit Walk to #EndAlz

-Detroit Walk to #EndAlz 2021 Planning Committee Member

-Alzheimer's Association Grand Champion Fundraiser 2020

-Detroit Young Professionals Member since '20

-Long Term Care Insurance Association of America Member since '18

-Home Care Franchise Client Care Team & Manager for 10+ Years

#endalz #carenect #millennialcaregiver #caregiverstrong


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