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Monday Motivation: Video of the Week 2/22/2021

Over the last 30 days, has seen over 10,000+ site visits!!!!

Because of this, I wanted to finally update our blog with new weekly content. The problem...I’m not the “content person” I’m the behind-the-scenes person. My goal with our blog is to provide content of many different forms, not just that related to #Alzheimers, #Dementia, and #caregiving. I hope to have new, weekly updates blog posts for every day of the week...but this won’t be easy! Anyone interested in becoming a blog writer for us should email me ( or shoot me a text (734) 536-4741!

My Story For This Week's Video:

The title of this week's video is “Watch This Every Day and Change Your Life", so when I saw this video for the first time about a year ago I watched it every day for a week straight. At the time, was a website I had built for my home care franchises' caregivers. I had spent a year on building it and was finally about to release it when I found out that all franchises were going to get a standard caregiver website (which I consulted on) and that all other websites would be banned. Although I knew a standard website was going to be released, I still felt like I failed as I was really proud of my site.

Then I found this video...and I watched it for 7 straight days. Nothing changed in that first week...but I decided to give this video another 7 days. After that 2-week period of starting my morning every day with this video on my drive into work something amazing happened: the idea for the current came to me. That was 1 year ago from today, and if you had told me then that I would be here today...well, I most likely would have laughed at you. Over the last year, I have tried and failed at many things, working SOOOO many late nights with nothing to show for it in return...but in my heart, I believed it would be worth it one day. I didn't realize then that the skills and experience I was gaining would one day all fall into place and all at the right time.

Although I have only just begun (the website will be 90 days old on March 1, 2021) over the last 30 days our website has seen over 10,000 visitors and averages over 300 visits a day! I NEVER imagined it to grow this quick! In the video you will hear Denzel talk about not having something to fall back on, and that part changed my life. This video gave me the confidence to fall, but the motivation to get back up every time and do it again...but even better next time. I havent watched this video in about 3 months, but last night when I watched it brought me to tears as for the first time in my life I feel like I am being my true self and I felt a strong sense of self-pride in what I have built with & the App (which launches in April).

"Fall Forward."

Matthew S. Yaroch Founder

Carenect App Developer

Harvard Business School Online

Alzheimer's Association Grand Champion Fundraiser 2020

Detroit Walk to #EndAlz 2021 Planning Committee Member

Detroit Young Professionals Member since '20

Long Term Care Insurance Association of America Member since '18

Home Care Franchise Client Care Team & Manager for 10+ Years

#endalz #carenect #millennialcaregiver #caregiverstrong

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