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Monday Music: Turn This Up

This weekly blog is dedicated to those that want a little "pump up" music for their Monday. Great listen during a workout, before an important Work Zoom call, or anything that may require a little motivation.


I apologize if this offends anyone, but you don't have to listen. If it's not for you it's not for you, but that doesn't mean it won't help someone else. Music is a tool that can fix your soul, and it helps me when I need to focus. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a moderate case of A.D.H.D., so focusing is a major struggle for me. When I put my headphones on I can turn off the world around me and focus on the project in front of me, and this has allowed me to do things I never imagined would be possible. A song's lyrics don't reflect an individual's beliefs, and music should never be used as a metric for the judgment of others.

I hope you enjoy this week's playlist!

Each Week I will add these videos to the Monday Music: "Lighten The Mood" YouTube Playlist.

REQUESTS WANTED!!!! Please email me, for song suggestions!



Song: Glorious

Artist: Macklemore Featuring Skylar Grey

Favorite Lyrics:

"I heard you die twice, once when they bury you in the grave and the second is the last time that somebody mentions your name. So when I leave here on this Earth, did I take more than I gave? Did I look out for other people or did I do it all for fame?"

"My grandma's smiling down on me like wooo that boy has bars"

" another morning I won't let self get in my way, I got my breath, I got my faith, and I remember why I came."

Why this Song:

The Video gives me tears. I was VERY close with both of my grandma's who are both no longer with us today. Although I wish they could be here to see the man I've become and for the future of carenect, I know they are looking over me and have with me through all my accomplishments over the last year. This song became a favorite of mine for the video, but the lyrics are also inspiring. When I started my self-improvement journey over 4.5 years ago, I remember writing "when I leave here on this Earth, did I take more than I gave? Did I look out for other people or did I do it all for fame?" on a piece of paper and hung it on the dry erase board I have in my home office. It's still on that board and I still ask myself this question every day.



Song: Play Hard (Quin Remix0

Artist: Quin (original by David Guetta & Neyo)

Favorite Lyrics: N/A

Why this Song: It is a "certified banger" and great for working out.



Song: Lose Yourself (Clean Version)

Artist: Eminem

Favorite Lyrics:

"If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted for one moment, would you capture it or let it slip?"

"You can do anything you set your mind to, man."

Why this Song:

Growing up less than 5 miles outside of the westside of Detroit on 7 Mile road, I grew up a major "Stan". This song will always pump me up, and I hope it does for you as well! Perfect workout song.



Song: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Artist: Far Out (Original by Daft Punk).

Favorite Lyrics:

"working harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger."

Why this Song:

When the pandemic initially broke out in the U.S.A., I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I also had major things in motion and was very motivated until they were ruined by COVID-19. This song helped get me through that initial few weeks and the feeling of being nervous for the well as inspiring me to start living my best life by ignoring my anxiety and putting myself out there. It helped fuel the beginning of and I will always remember those days when I hear it.

It's also another great workout track!



Song: The Show Goes On

Artist: Lupe FIasco

Favorite Lyrics :

"So, no matter what you been through

No matter what you into

No matter what you see when you look outside your window

Brown grass or green grass, picket fence or barbed wire

Never ever put them down, you just lift your arms higher

Raise 'em 'til your arms tired, let 'em know you here

That you strugglin', survivin', that you gon' persevere

Yeah, ain't nobody leavin', nobody goin' home

Even if they turn the lights out, the show is goin' on".

Why this Song: Its lyrics are positive, it's a great workout song, and the beat will definitely get you up and moving!!!


REQUESTS WANTED!!!! . PLease email me, for song suggestions!

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