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New Episode of The Caregiver Coach Podcast Today @ noon

Benita chats with Carenect.net Founder, Matthew Yaroch.

Find your tribe and love them hard!

Community is so important for us all, but especially for those that care for aging loved ones with dementia. Many of the caregivers that I have worked with over the years have shared that the caregiving journey is a lonely one. If that resonates with you, then you are in the right place! Our special guest, Matt Yaroch, founder of Carenect has created an amazing community for caregivers to connect! In this interview, you’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes and get to meet this amazing leader in the caregiving industry.

If there is anything that a Caregiver Coach understands, it is that caregivers don’t have a lot of extra time, that is why The Caregiver Coach Podcast delivers quick, bite-sized wisdom nuggets that allow you to add tools to your toolbox then get on with your day.⁠ ⁠ If you’re a caregiver for an aging loved one with dementia that is looking for motivation, inspiration, and practical tools and tips for your caregiver journey, then come on in, we saved a seat for you! ⁠

Benita Hampton, MLC, CBC, CDP

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A message about Benita & this Caregiver Coach Podcast Episode from our Founder, Matthew Yaroch:

Benita and I started messaging back and forth and had actually planned on recording this episode over a month ago. However, when she had sent me a list of potential talking points & questions, which (unknowingly at the time) had sparked a flame of motivation in me. The very first question was "what is Carenect?" At the time, it was just a website that was similar to what it is today...except it didn't feature podcasts and the blog hadn't been updated in months.

This didn't matter to Benita, as she saw the potential for Carenect's future, and DMed me. After chatting, we instantly both realized what a great team or "tribe" we made. We constantly text/email each other now asking for each other's opinions on a variety of new ideas. After thinking about that "what is Carenect" question for over a week, I decided to build the Carenect App, which I hope to release very soon! Unlike the website, the Carenect App has multiple opportunities for caregivers, coaches, and healthcare professionals to Carenect with each other via interactive features!

I thank you Benita for being such an amazing person! It's crazy how the universe brings the right people into your life at the right time if you just believe, trust the process, and are always generous & kind to others.

Matthew S. Yaroch

-Carenect.net Founder

-Harvard Business School Online

-Carenect App & Website Developer

-Approved App Developer for the Google Play Console & Apple App Store

-Alzheimer's Association Grand Champion Fundraiser 2020

-Detroit Walk to #EndAlz 2021 Planning Committee Member

-Detroit Young Professionals Member

-Long Term Care Insurance Association of America Member since '18

-Home Care Franchise Client Care Team & Manager for 10+ Years

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