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Shaleiah Sanders started this petition to Governor Roy Cooper and 1 other

Help us save a life by signing this petition. I couldn't save my grandmother, but maybe reversing this law will help save someone loved one and hold the facilities accountable. Ms. Pearl Sanders was a loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, sister, and friend. Ms. Pearl was 82 years old when she passed unexpectedly on 1/9/2021. Pearl was a devoted church member who loved the lord and her family. After being diagnosed with advance dementia she was placed in White Oak Manor Charlotte located at 4009 Craig Ave Charlotte,NC 28211. On 1/4/2021 Pearl tested positive for Covid-19 after being exposed from a staff member. Sadly, she passed on 1/9/2021 only five days after testing positive and being asymptomatic. Leaving her loved ones heartbroken and devastated. In May 2020, NC passed a liabilty shield law that protects health care facilities during this pandemic. Simply giving nursing homes room to get away with everything and state it as a result of Covid-19. This should not be in place for all nursing homes. Governor Roy Cooper should have granted it only to nursing homes with no citations in the past year prior to Covid-19. The nursing homes are aware that if a resident passes away with Covid-19. They can list it as the cause of death and that very well might not even be the cause of death. No additional autopsy is done and if so everything is still listed as an underlying health condition. This is not fair nor right. Every resident might not be dying because of Covid. What if it's abuse or negligence? But, because the resident has a positive Covid-19 test. The cause of death is Covid-19. This law needs to be revoked! White Oak Manor Charlotte is currently in a outbreak status. The facility currently has 66 positive staff members, 110 positive residents, and 27 DEATHS! My grandmother Pearl, is included in that death count. Passing away just eight days shy of her 83rd Birthday on 1/18/2021. Please help us get JUSTICE for her. Help us get answers, and figure out what happen to her the day of her passing. After only speaking to her family two hours prior and in good condition. Thanking you in advance for your support!

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